Our new live network monitoring application required an up to date user interface that allowed data to be displayed and manipulated in the most intuitive way possible. We tried many different UI approaches until we settled on the modern look and feel of Chrome's tabs. We have decided to open source our implemetation to allow other developers to benefit from it's features. It is currently available for Delphi 7 through Delphi XE8 (32 and 64 bit).

You can grab the source and from GitHub.

Here's some of the things that TChromeTabs can do.

  • The tab container can be tranparent and painted over Vista Aero glass.
  • Tabs can have any level of transparency.
  • All movement and style transitions can be optionally animated.
  • Tabs can be pinned to the side of the container.
  • Each tab can have both an image and overlay image.

Chrome Tabs overview

  • Full BiDi and Unicode support
  • BiDi tabs and controls can be aligned to the right.
  • BiDi text can be aligned to the right.
* Unicode supported in IDE versions from Delphi 2009

Chrome Tabs Unicode

  • Mouse glow - a glow is painted over the hot tabs.
  • Modified glow - a glow is drawn moving across the top of the a tab when it has been modified.

Chrome Tabs Glows

  • All controls support gradiants and alpha levels.
  • Different look and feel for Active, Not Active and Hot states.
  • All controls support borders.
  • Tabs can be any height.
  • Control shapes can be altered using events.

Chrome Tabs Gradiants

  • Dyanmically resizing tabs
  • Maximum and minimum tab sizes
  • Various text truncation options including ellipses and fade.
  • Intelligent content visibility. Tab details will be shown hidden depending on the width of the tab.
  • Auto hide close button when tab width is too small.

Chrome Tabs Tab Widths

  • Full scrolling support.
  • Scroll buttons can be overlayed and automatically hidden.
  • Scrolling automatically enabled when minimum tab width is reached.
  • Tabs are autoscrolled when a tab is being dragged.

Chrome Tabs Scrolling

  • Fully animated tab drag and drop
  • Drag and drop tabs to new positions.
  • Fully automated drag and drop tabs between containers.
  • Built in tab drag image. All you need to do is supply the wincontrol in an event.

Chrome Tabs Drag Drop

  • Intelligent tab resizing when the close button is clicked.

Chrome Tabs Close Button

  • Demo application allows access to all TChromeTabs features and properties including a look and feel editor.
  • Options and LookAndFeel properties can be saved to/loaded from a file or stream.

Chrome Tabs Look And Feel