As part of our Easy-IP suite, we have developed a number of software tools for database administrators and network engineers. Even if you are not using the full Easy-IP suite, you're sure to find our software useful.

This software is free for personal use. If you are using it for business purposes please contact Easy-IP sales.

SNMP MIB Browser

The Easy-IP MIB Browser is an intuitive, graphical tool that can be used to query and modify information from any SNMP enabled device, including routers, switches, servers, or printers. The MIB Browser can walk MIB trees, view MIB tables, search MIBs, remotely modify SNMP values, and many other SNMP functions.

Firebird Database Manager

The Firebird Database Manager is a powerful Windows GUI utility for managing your Firebird SQL Server databases. It allows you to backup and restore your databases. Backups can be scheduled to run at any time. In addition you can Shutdown, Start, Sweep, Recompute Indices and Disconnect User Sessions.
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MIB Browser
Firebird Database Manager