Easy-to-use GUI

Easy-IP provides an intuitive interface, which organizes information in a tree-like structure and provides you with a graphical overview of your entire IP addressing scheme.

Easy-IP's visual drag and drop feature makes it easy to create CIDR blocks, partition subnets and assign addresses.

Complex networks can be split into different groups according to network topology, countries, regions, or departmental functions.

Automated Subnet Allocation

The Easy-IP Subnet Planner allows you to rapidly create thousands of IP addresses and subnets based on network ranges and subnet masks. Easy-IP takes minutes, not hours, to generate thousands of network ranges.

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) is fully supported, with visual indication of the CIDR prefix for every subnet. Using the slider bar, you can partition subnets with just a few mouse clicks and eliminate common errors associated with VLSM design.

Network Auto-Discovery Tool

Easy-IP includes a high performance, multi-threaded network discovery tool that scans your network and populates the database automatically with IP address, Hostname, MAC address, response time and host availability.

All subnets and individual IP addresses are displayed with color-coded entries for a visual status check.

With the built-in Task Scheduler, you can automate tasks such as Database Backup, Network Discovery or Reporting to run daily, weekly or monthly, at a time that suits you.

Accurate, Real-Time Network Inventory

When used in conjunction with SNMP, this becomes an extremely powerful tool for asset management of network equipment. You can populate the database with the serial numbers and software revision of all the routers and switches on your entire network.

Easy-IP now builds a complete database of your entire network using SNMP, which helps you answer questions such as:

  • How many Cisco 3640 or Netgear Routers do I have?
  • What IOS version are they running?
  • Who is responsible for them and where are they located?

Easy-IP gives you the ability to customise reports by discovering any SNMP OID, such as: sysName, sysDesc, or even vendor specific OIDs, to create a comprehensive inventory of your network.

Advanced Import/Export Capabilities

Easy-IP's timesaving import facility can be used to incorporate existing IP information from spreadsheets, or text files. The intuitive Import Wizard walks you through the process, checking the import file and reporting errors.

Easy-IP exports subnet and IP address data to XML, HTML and CSV. When exporting to XML it is possible to preserve the hierarchical structure of the groups and subnets.


Multi-User Access Control

Easy-IP provides access control lists so that super administrative users can delegate management responsibilities to multiple network administrators, regardless of location. A designated "Super" Administrator defines permissions and logins for others who are responsible for certain network segments or regions.

The super administrative user can assign other users full super administrative, read-write, or read-only access to the database. User access can be granted based on Countries, Regions, Departments, or even specific Subnet Ranges.

Using separate container files, Service Providers can manage multiple overlapping IP Address space for their customers.

User-Defined Custom Fields

With Easy-IP custom fields, you can add specific information such as Operating System, Circuit Number, Line Speed, Telco Supplier, etc. to customise the information to your own network. All kinds of IP related information can be tracked, including, VPNs, BGP, MPLS, OSPF, Multicast and VLANs. You can even create your own drop-down lists to eliminate data entry error.

Easy-IP handles both private (RFC1918) and public (ARIN/RIPE allocated) IP Address space.

Powerful Custom Reporting

The Easy-IP Report Wizard makes it easy to generate sophisticated reports. This flexible custom reporting utility can be used to generate reports based on any user-defined fields.

Reports can be exported to HTML, CSV or text format and can be easily modified, viewed, and printed. Here are some of the reports you can produce in just a few minutes, with no knowledge of SQL.

  • All Cisco routers running IOS 12.3 in OSPF Area 51
  • Cable modems in Norway that have responded in 6 weeks
  • All laser printers in Texas with 100mb LAN cards
  • Only Frame relay DLCI numbers attached to Nortel switches
  • Every T1 Circuit terminating at the Data Centre

Each report can be fully customised with your own headers/footers or fonts using the built-in Report Designer.