Easy-IP is a multi-user Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) solution, designed to help you keep track of all your Subnet Allocations, CIDR Blocks, VLANs and IP address assignments.

Using a powerful auto-discovery engine, Easy-IP maintains an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all your subnets, IP addresses and network devices, such as switches, routers and servers.

With Easy-IP, you can document your IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing Plan, discover your existing network devices, keep track of all changes, and create detailed subnet utilisation reports.


The Easy-IP Server runs as a service on your server machine. Most of the other applications in the Easy-IP suite connect to the Easy-IP Server.

The Easy-IP Server can be controlled via the Server Controller tray icon.

Windows Client

The Windows Client connects to the Easy-IP Server locally or over a network. It is the hub of Easy-IP and allows you to design and discover your network.

You can use the Client to manipulate Autonomous Networks, Groups, Subnets and IP Addresses. In addition, you can import data from other applications, export data in several formats, discover networks and IP Addresses and design and generate detailed reports.

Web Client

The Web Client provides users with access to a subset of the functionality of the Windows Client via a web interface running in a browser.

Server Manager

The Server Manager allows you to manage your Easy-IP Server.

Among other things, you can manage users, define user privileges, manage sessions, edit custom fields and edit the server settings.

Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard is where you configure the database that the Easy-IP Server connects to. The database is used to store all the data generated by Easy-IP.

As well as creating databases, the Configuration Wizard lets you import data from previous and current versions of Easy-IP. It is also the place where you can add or edit your Easy-IP licence information.

Discovery Bots

Discovery Bots allow you to run host discoveries on machines located on remote networks. Discovery Bots are easy to install and configure by using the step by step guide in the dedicated Easy-IP help section.