The following table lists functions that have been moved or changed in Easy-IPv6.

Previous application Previous Function New Application New Function
Database Administrator Create Database Configuration Manager Create a new database
Database Administrator Open Database Configuration Manager Attach an existing Easy-IPv6 database
Database Administrator Update Easy-IP Licence Configuration Manager Update your Easy-IPv6 licence
Database Administrator Add/Edit/Delete Autonomous Network Client Add/Edit/Delete Autonomous Network
Database Administrator Add/Edit/Delete Table Fields Server Manager Fields and Properties
Database Administrator Rebuild views N/A N/A
Database Administrator Ping Logging Server Manager Ping Logging Settings
Database Administrator Change Control Server Manager Change Control Settings/Field Properties
Database Administrator Database Settings | Subnet Inheritance Server Manager Subnet Inheritance Settings
Database Administrator Database Settings | Global Settings N/A N/A
Database Administrator Database Settings | Scripting Server Manager Insert/Update Scripts
Database Administrator Add Windows Users Server Manager Add/Edit User
Firebird Database Manager Backup Database Server Manager Backup Settings/Manage Backups
Firebird Database Manager Restore Database Server Manager Restore Settings/Manage Backups
Firebird Database Manager Display Connected Users Server Manager Disconnect Users
Client Subnet Discovery Client Network Discovery
Client Subnet Discovery | ARP Table Reader Client Host Discovery | ARP Table Scanner
Client Plugins N/A N/A
Client Import database from previous version of Easy-IP Configuration Manager Import an existing Easy-IP V3, V4 or V6 database
Task Scheduler Schedule Backup Server Manager Backup Settings
Task Scheduler Schedule Host Discovery Client Host Discovery Settings
Task Scheduler Schedule Report Client Reports
Web Interface Batch Service Server Manager Discovery Bots

The following applications that were included in Easy-IP V4 have been integrated into the Client or the Server Manager in Easy-IPv6.

Firebird Database Manager

SQL Query Builder

MIB Browser

Task Scheduler