Easy-IPv6 Architecture

Client Applications

All the client applications in Easy-IPv6 have been rewritten from scratch. This has allowed us to make them even more intuitive and much faster than previous versions. In addition, all applications are now fully Unicode compliant and tested on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Easy-IP Client

As well as containing all the features from previous versions of Easy-IP, the Windows Client now includes these additional features:

  • User Interface - The Client interface has been overhauled to provide users with a more consistent experience. The ribbon toolbar has been redesigned to allow quicker and easier access.
  • Unlimited Undo - The new architecture in Easy-IPv6 allows the undo function to work all the way back to the start of the current session.
  • Child Subnets - It is now possible to add only the child subnets that you need. If you want to add more, Easy-IP will automatically calculate which subnets are available and present you with a list.
  • Instant Group/Subnet Search - We have introduced a new group/subnet search with a Google Suggest style drop down list. As you type the name of a group or subnet the matches are displayed instantly.
  • Full Text Search - Full Text Search is built into Easy-IPv6 and enabled by default. As soon as you make a change to the data, Easy-IP will index it and make it accesible to searches.
  • Import - Importing data to an IP address manager has never been easier. We've rethought the process to make it quicker and more robust. You can even import spreadsheets and text files in batches.
  • Network Discovery - The Network (Subnet) Discovery wizard has been simplified and now displays your data in a subnet tree before importing it into the database.
  • Host Discovery Host Discovery has had a total overhaul to improve speed and usability. The settings form is easier to use but offers even more discovery types and settings.
  • Reports - Reports and Mini Reports have been merged into a single reporting system. The report editor has been redesigned allowing you to quickly and easily generate concise at a glance reports. The database for reports has been expanded so that reports can contain more detailed information such as subnet utilisation. Different reports can be accessed by Users and Administrators. Administrators can report on tables that were unavailable in previous versions of Easy-IP. We have also introduced a new window in the Client to display any report as you browse between groups and subnets.

The Easy-IPv6 Web Client is based on the latest AJAX technology. It now contains more of the features that are found in the Windows Client including:

  • Ribbon GUI - The user interface of the Easy-IP Web Client is now almost identical to that of the Windows Client. This includes the incorporation of the same Ribbon toolbar that is found in the Windows Client.
  • Authentication - Users can use the same authentication methods that they use with the Windows Client. They can also change their password and request a forgotten username/password.

Server Manager

Due to the change in architecture, the Database Manager has been replaced by the Server Manager. The Server Manager allows you to manage your Easy-IP server:

  • Centralised management of user files - As well as managing user files from the server you can also manage their settings. This centralised settings management allows you to fine tune the client settings of your users right down to which columns are visible in their data grids.
  • Realtime management of Client sessions - Clients sessions can be disconnected by administrators.
  • Simplified Database Backup/Restore - The database backup/restore process has been simplified and integrated into the Server Manager. By default, your database will be backed up once a day. In addition, you can set backups to delete automatically after a specified period of time.
  • Automated log purges - Log files can become large and unmanageable if they are not purged regularly. In Easy-IPv6 Change Control and Ping logs can be purged after each backup.
  • Server Logs - A server log is generated and filled with as much or as little information as you require. The latest log entries can also be viewed in real time using the Easy-IP Server tray application.
  • Batch updates to custom fields- In previous versions of Easy-IP , all users were required to disconnect  before making changes to database fields. In Easy-IPv6 these changes can be stored and scheduled to execute in a batch at a convenient time.
  • Email - Configuring the email server is a one-time process in Easy-IPv6. Encrypted SMTP servers like Gmail can also be used.
  • Bulk User Actions - Administrators can edit the details of all users in a grid format.  Multiple passwords can be reset and emails sent to specific users.