Company Profile

Easy-IP is a leading provider of cost-effective, scalable IP management solutions for Telcos, Service Providers and large Enterprises.

Founded in 2003 by a team of experienced network engineers and software developers, Easy-IP is backed with over 30 years of solid industry experience in designing and implementing large-scale Telecomms & ISP networks.

Easy-IP was orginally written to accomodate our own requirements as network engineers. It is now driven by the needs of our customers. Feel free to check out our list of satisfied customers.


Over the years, we saw that some of our clients were struggling to keep track of their expanding IP networks with spreadsheets. Some spent hundreds of hours developing their own in-house database, others paid over the odds for some bloated enterprise-level software that was packed with dozens of features they never even used.

We put our network and programming skills to work and built a simple low-cost solution that includes everything you need to manage your Subnets, Hostnames, IP Address space and network inventory.

We made it so easy to use, we named it Easy-IP.