Easy-IP provides a centralised approach to subnet allocation that eliminates the problems and errors caused by manual administration. With an intuitive Web-based GUI, the database can be accessed by multiple administrators in diverse geographical locations via any web browser.

You can monitor network changes by using the powerful SNMP auto-discovery tool to maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory for all your subnets, IP addresses and network devices.

By automating complex IP addressing tasks like VLSM and subnet partitioning, Easy-IP dramatically reduces the administrative overheads associated with IP address management. 

Why Use Easy-IP?

Instead of manually configuring IP addresses and tracking information via spreadsheets, with Easy-IP you can:

  • Understand, plan and organize your entire IP network space, including IPv6, VLANs, MPLS, Wireless, and NAT.
  • Drill down into individual subnets to see static and dynamic IP address assignments at a glance
  • Audit IP address assignments by MAC address and host name
  • Search for key assets by device type, location, serial number and other status information
  • Create detailed, customised management reports
  • Import existing IP information from spreadsheets or text files

Easy-IP helps you keep up with evolving network requirements and track adds, moves and changes.
All subnets, IP addresses, hostnames and MAC addresses are stored in an industry-standard SQL database, designed for rapid searching of any network asset.

Key Benefits

Easy-IP is an easy-to-use software solution that delivers centralised management of IP addresses, domains, subnets, and all network devices across your enterprise.

Administrators get a real time snapshot of the network, which simplifies troubleshooting and ongoing administration. Easy-IP's "drag and drop" feature also simplifies IP address moves and changes.

  • Simplifies the management of IP address space.
  • Allows centralised control over all moves, adds, and changes.
  • Granular Access lists for multiple administrators in diverse geographical locations
  • Provides time-stamped audit trail for regulatory compliance, SOX, HIPAA, etc.
  • Fully supports CIDR and VLSM
  • Manages both private and public overlapping IP space
  • Eliminates outdated spreadsheets and in-house databases
  • Enhanced reporting of subnet utilization helps justify additional requests for IP address space
The clear Ajax Web Interface reduces errors, simplifies training, and frees up qualified network personnel to concentrate on more productive tasks.